Transmission ep2: Interview w/ BLAZR, Unobtainum, Offerings, 23Skidoo, Quark

Quark Explained

What is Quark?

Quark Price rises to 0.000145 from 0.000135


The Quark price is active with around 200 k volume at Cryptsy on Dec 26th 2013. Price is currently at about 0.000145 up from 0.000135

Quark price levels out at Cryptsy


The Quark price has leveled out to between 0.00012 and 0.00015 BTC. No clear trend to see on the week chart.


On the 3 month chart and with a quick look at the order book we can see some resistance at 0,0001 BTC and 0,00013  BTC. You can see that these levels have been tested several times without a clear breakout point. If the 3 week chart shows a double top? Maybe?




Bill Still talks about Quarkcoins

What is Quarkcoin?

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